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What size will my framed drawing be?
Your original hand drawn portrait is mounted with a mat, in a 16 x 20″ frame.
It will be delivered by courier, framed and ready to hang.


How do I choose a photo?
The easiest rule of thumb is that THE BETTER WE SEE THE COLOUR OF BOTH EYES, the better your drawing will be. The image should be as clear and sharp as possible. Send us original size photos (usually around 2MB), not compressed or reduced.  Remember that what our Portrait Artists don’t see, they have to imagine or invent. Please only give us one photo per face you want drawn – your choice is undoubtedly better than ours!

Can I have one group portrait drawn from several photos?
Sure, the artist can group people (or pets!) into one drawing from separate photos.

What do the portraits cost?
It depends on the number of faces the artists draw in your portrait.

Country 1 Face 2 Faces 3 Faces 4 Faces 5 Faces
USA $189 $276 $324 $384 $438
UK £129.60 £184.80 £216 £246 £276

How and when will I receive my portrait?
After being drawn and framed, your portrait will be delivered about 3 weeks after you order. Courier delivery by UPS to the US and Canada is $29.40, or via Fedex to the UK and EU is £19.40. For other countries, please ask us first and we’ll get a quote from the courier company.

How do I send Gift Portraits?
Many of our customers have realised that a portrait is an original, personal and thoughtful gift. You can order with the shipping address of the person you’d like to send the gift portrait to. We’ll send it direct to them, without any reference to the price.

It’s the ideal gift if you want to give something personal. This is the present that will always be present!

Is it safe to pay online?
We’re PayPal verified so your payment is secure. You can use any major debit or credit card, or your PayPal account if you prefer.

Can the artists draw a portrait of my pet?
They certainly can! Also portraits of pets with their owners, brides with their cats, graduates with their parrots…  Click on Imagine Your Portrait for portrait ideas but you probably have quite a few of your own!

Do you draw group portraits of more than 5 faces?
Now that’s probably the only thing we can’t say yes to because we really don’t want to disappoint you.  We draw up to 5 faces in a portrait as over many years’ experience, larger groups rarely come out well. You could try to split larger groups by, for example, boys/girls, her side of the family/mine, people who sent a birthday card last year/those who didn’t, etc.

Can I request the same artist who drew my last portrait?
Yes and they’re always really flattered! Include the Portrait Artist’s name in your order.

Can I choose from a range of frames?
Your portrait is delivered ready to hang in our standard frame. We have to leave the infinite framing options to the experts on framing, we’re only experts on drawing! Using standard frames is also a way to offer you a great price for your original hand-drawn portrait.

Can you draw from copyrighted photos (professionally taken)?
We can, but please get verbal authorisation from the owner of the copyright (the photographer) giving us permission to draw from the photograph.

What if I’m not totally satisfied with my drawing?
It rarely happens but not to worry, we take our guarantee very seriously and always honour it. Simply contact us.

And if I’m thrilled with my drawing?
PLEASE TELL EVERYONE!  Give us a hand by spreading the word to your family, friends and colleagues. “Like” us on Facebook and please share your comments HERE, we love hearing from you!

Where do I report spelling mistakes? (bonus FAQ for reading all the way to the end!)
We could get into a lively and entertaining discussion with you on British vs. American spelling. If you’re a bit pressed for time though, just smile and put it down to European eccentricity. After all, it’s a superb quality portrait you’re here for and art is a universal language!