Imagine yours… or the perfect gift…

A little bit about how we draw your portraits…

One of our photographers once asked an artist at our studio in Barcelona how long it took for each drawing. He said, “Oh, about 15 years of daily, detailed work!”. OK then, got it! But the answer’s actually that it varies a lot, depending on the person or pet the artist is drawing.  More than anything, it needs their discipline, experience, passion plus tons of talent.

As with most portraiture, drawing in a realistic style has two main aspects to get right: the resemblance to the person (or pet!) and then knowing how to bring out the beauty, life and magic of a face in the portrait.

Artistically, the resemblance is the easy part and it’s mostly about getting the basic dimensions right.  So, from the photo we use a craft similar to silk screening to get the general measurements of the face. This way we get something really rough but with the right dimensions of the face the artist can really begin to work.

From there, with a style proudly unique to us(1), the artist starts drawing the magic of a real face. This is the talented, creative part.  We use pencils, sepia bar and dry powder on cotton-based paper using the highest quality materials —such as Canson, Caran d’Ache and Cetacolor— plus loads of talent and years of experience.

Though we’re far away from most of our customers, we also know that Barcelona’s a trendy travelling spot.  So if by any chance you’re in town, please feel free to contact us to visit the studio. We’ll take you for coffee as well!

(1)Description by a sculptor friend of ours to his colleagues, after visiting the studio: “The artists work totally differently than I had imagined and expected. They start by putting down a layer of fine chalk powder and then take away from that, using dry paint brushes and something like a pencil made of compressed cotton wool. So they start by drawing portraits in reverse! taking powder off, which is how they get these lovely soft highlights in the skin and hair. Then they work over it with sepia pencils to get the amazing detail in the face, hair and clothes”.